Class Content

It's not just punching and kicking

Neither is a set of martial arts techniques cobbled together to masquerade as 'self defence' [SELF PROTECTION] We won't turn you into fighters, for that you'll need to attend a Boxing, Kick-boxing, Thai Boxing or MMA gym. What we will do is teach you basic safety strategies based on awareness, retreat and escape, coupled with some physical skills that rely on gross, not fine motor movements that can be learned quickly.

There will be some punching and of course, there will also be some kicking, but most importantly there will also be an understanding of what self-defence and self protection actually is, the differences between a martial art and self defence, why being able to escape is more important than how hard you can punch, plus, there will also be lots of aggressive shouting, by you the participants and the coach!

When you can recognise potential threats and dodgy situations and you are more confident in your everyday activities, you are less likely to become a target of crime. Therefore, good self defence is a contradiction: "the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to need it."

That is the objective of all ACS Self Defence sessions - Awareness, Confidence, Self Esteem,

We run different types of courses/classes catered for individual needs, either on a one-to-level, family, small groups or youth groups like guides and scouts etc.

What you'll learn

  • Target hardening, Threat avoidance
  • Adrenal 'fight or flight' responses
  • The ‘fence’ a live barrier between you and a potential threat
  • Pre-emption strategies
  • The voice as a deterrent
  • Punching [STRIKING] & kicking essentials
  • Vulnerable and ideal target areas
  • Weapons found in your handbag
  • What is lawful self defence/protection
  • Reasonable force what is it?

VERY IMPORTANT: These classes are designed to make you uncomfortable, to challenge you - physical aggression is uncomfortable - we want to improve your confidence, your awareness and ability to recognise a threat, to provide simple and effective skills. To achieve all of this you must be prepared to scream, shout and gesticulate loudly, use expletives, have them used against you (decorum is not the language of violence) and hit a padded target pad, forcefully and repeatedly.

You may get sore arms you may get slight bruising but you will also have fun, enjoy yourself and feel empowered!

"You have nothing to fear but fear itself" - Franklin D. Roosevelt