About us

So, who are we then?

ACS Self Defence is one of the many ACS branded sports trading services owned by ACS Design & Leisure, under their catch all sports brand: ACS MAGFA (martial arts, games and fitness academy.

We are a Luton, Bedfordshire based company running established martial arts and fitness related clubs in our own Luton based venue, in addition to supplying various one-off and short term self defence, martial arts or Boxercise sessions in the home counties area for schools and special interest groups.

ACS Self Defence offers ladies self protection/self defence courses where the emphasis is on prevention and pre-emption rather than fighting techniques. ACS owner and chief coach (David Brown) has qualified in the following since 2008:

  • Jujitsu dan grade coach
  • Self Protection Instructor (BCA)
  • Real Combat System Dan Grade (BCA)
  • BETEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructor
  • BETEC Level 3 Reasonable Force Tuition
  • KEWAP Knife Awareness Instructor (UKMAA)
  • Boxercise UK Instructor
  • IBFF Group Sparring Instructor

Boxercise - Mini fencing coach - Dodgeball coach - Boxfit instructor He is also a member of: - Meanstreets SD Association - British Combat Association (BCA) - United Kingdom Martial Arts Alliance (UKMAA) - Boxercise UK - Coaching UK